Oriented Italia
    IFFG (International Fine Fashion Group) Shanghai & Singapore

    ORIENTED ITALIA is partner of Retaily in the management of IFFG Project in Italy and Veronica Gozzi, Managing Director Italy. We achieved the creation of the first IFFG Gallery full dedicated to Made in Italy Fashion brands, with more than 60 high quality garment firms that are now opening stores within the most luxury destination in Shanghai down town, Golden Eagle Square. Among our brands: Antonio Marras, Manila Grace, Orciani, Aquilano Rimondi, Jet Set e molti altri.

    Oriented Italia
    KIP INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Knowledge, Innovation, Policies and Territorial Practices for the United

    Oriented Italia signed an agreement with "Kip International School” to identify Chinese institutions or firms interested in the "Pavillon Kip Project" on occasion of Milan World Expo 2015.

    Oriented Italia

    Oriented Italia has signed an agreement with Maylink Group to collaborate during Milan Word Expo 2015 as representative for governmental and business relations within the Veneto Region and to develop cooperation and business projects.