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Veronica Gozzi - Founder and Director

After an experience at Stanford University, Veronica Gozzi started her professional career in 2001 at Microsoft Italia where, for the most part of five years, held a number of different roles inside the Marketing Division. Through her career she constantly redefined new challenges and expanded her professional experiences as Marketing Director at the multinational Quest Software (DELL) Italy & Spain.

This experience led her to a role as Vice President in the Japanese corporation Exodus Co. Ltd. at its Headquarters in Tokyo, where she managed international projects such as the FIAT  Beach House in Kamakura for the launch of the new FIAT 500 car, and the project “L’aperitivo Tokyo” for the promotion of Italian culture and territory in Japan, sponsored by the Italian Minister of Agriculture and with the patronage of Italian Minister of Tourism and Italian institutions in Tokyo. Back to Italy she was honored as Japan Ambassador for the Italian Women in the World Association . Today she is the Founder & Director of Oriented Italia, specialized in the management of international projects, events and the promotion of Made in Italy.

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